Koi Fish Tattoo Design For Girl

Koi fish tattoo in thigh for women - koi fish tattoos, in general became a symbol of the very strong character of a lot of different things and has a very deep meaning for those who choose it as part of an existing tattoo on their body. friends, let us learn about the meaning and symbolism associated with the koi fish tattoo.
Beautiful Koi Tattoo Design On Thigh
In history, the koi fish has a very long history in Japanese culture. which generally They were originally a goldfish and then tamed and bred to produce certain colors. Basically, the reason they are quite significant. that in Japanese culture, there is a legend that is already very long there and be a story about how the trip Koi fish into a dragon fight, Most of the meaning and symbolism behind the Koi fish originated from the ancient legend.
Beautiful Thigh With Koi Fish Tattoo Design

In the Japanese legend, koi fish travel stories in gaining strength is to swim against the current of the river. then, there are roughly Thousands of koi fish swimming along the Yellow River in Japan, Once they reach the waterfall, the other turned away and only a few are going to fight the swift currents of the waterfall to reach the top. The koi fish continue to strive for a hundred years. Until finally, one of the Koi successfully jumped to the top of the waterfall . as a blessing and a gift for the successful koi fish, the gods turn it into a beautiful golden dragon. to date koi fish tattoos are very popular with both men and women. You can see pictures of koi fish tattoo on the woman's body
Koi Fish Tattoo Design For Girl
Koi fish tattoo black, usually a form of reflection in which one succeeds in overcoming obstacles. This symbol is great for those who have been through a tough battle in life and finally made ​​it to the desired destination. This can include, psychological thing or the many other difficult situations that have been passed. In Japanese culture, koi are a symbol of black males in the family.
Koi Fish Tattoo with Lotus Flower Tattoo Design
 Koi fish tattoo images of red, often has connotations of love or love. However, usually this is not just any love, it is a parable of the love that picture very strong and masculine. red koi fish, can also be used as a symbol of power and courage, red as any symbol can be so harmonious.
Women Koi Fish Tattoo - Thigh Tattoo Design
The lotus flower is a very beautiful flower that grows from muddy pond. blends lotus flower tattoo and koi fish together, constitute a form of parable against / through the pain, the struggle and the journey that has been a natural maturation. Just like koi, started as a small fish and grow into a powerful dragon, lotus begins in a dirty pool but it grew into a beautiful in its time.

If you believe in symbolism and see the tattoo as a reminder, a koi tattoo can give and mark ourselves, to be a brave man, has a pleasant person and we are also able to do anything to achieve a success. in addition to bring you the luck and good fortune, with all the effort that you have done in life, either simple or complex, it becomes hyper us to move better.


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